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    There are many areas to volunteering in The Prayer Council,
    Please list your choices 1-3. (#1 being your first choice)

    • Woman’s Ministry

    • Multicultural

    • Hispanic

    • African American

    • Asian American

    • Native American

    • Multigenerational

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    This information is required for our insurance.
    Your answers to all questions will be held in confidence.

    Other than traffic violations, have you ever been arrested and/ or convicted.
    Including but not limited to the following:

    Sexual misconduct of any kind

    Sexual misconduct with a minor

    Assault with actual or intended bodily harm

    Theft of money or embezzlement



    (Failure to answer these above questions will be grounds for termination
    upon discovery, yes, answers do not necessarily disqualify you for service).

    (Anyone working with children is required to be fingerprinted and may have a background check performed.
    It is simple procedure, so don’t let that overwhelm you.)

    (If yes, is answered to any of the above questions, please attach
    a separate paper with a detailed explanation regarding the incident.)


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    Criteria for Volunteering:

    To love God the Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

     To be a person of prayer and willing to be teachable.

    A person of moral standards.

    Can work with others with honor and dignity, and the love of Christ.

    Be willing to be on a scheduled monthly call with the state director.

    To attend the state prayer meetings in your area.

    Criteria for a State Director:

    As the State Director you will be over The State Capitol Director and prayer leaders within your state. You will be responsible for working with your team to promote prayer throughout your state. Training will be provided. State Directors role includes:

    Being an intercessor and able to lead prayer.

    Ability to network with people to set up prayer groups over their state.

    Know you are called of God, to lead people into prayer for the passion of the Lord for their state.

    To be able to organize prayer gatherings in your state.

    To attend the Annual National Conferences.

    Criteria for Regionals:

    To Lead State Directors over 4-5 states or areas.

    To connect with them monthly.

    To network and direct them when they have questions, (There will be training).

    To work with US Director on monthly call and a gather quarterly report to consolidate for the US Director.

    To organize and lead a Regional Rallies with the US Director.

    To attend Annual National Conference.

    Statement of Faith: We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired, only, infallible, authoritative
    Word of The Living God. That there is one God, existent in three persons:
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit; The Lord is the Creator of all things in heaven and on earth;
    and all things have been created through Him and for Him (Colossians 1:16, Genesis 1);
    We believe that Jesus is the only “Son of God”, and there is no other.
    We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles,
    in His atoning death through His shed blood on the cross for our sins.
    We believe in the union, in marriage, between one man and one woman.
    We believe God is the author of life, from conception to death.
    We also believe in His bodily resurrection, and in His ascension to the right hand of the Father.
    And that one day He will personally return in power and glory;
    Salvation of lost and sinful men and women and the regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely
    essential. And that God wants all people saved, by the forgiveness of sins, through acceptance of
    Jesus and His salvation. God gives us this gift through the shed blood of Christ on the cross.
    We believe in the present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit, by who’s indwelling enables the Christian
    to live a godly life; We believe the Holy Spirit is in Christian believers today.
    We also believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost, they who are saved unto
    resurrection life and they who are lost unto the resurrection of damnation; The Lord calls all
    believers to love one another as Christ loves us, which leads to spiritual unity of believers,
    in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I also understand that I am a volunteer, not an employee, of The Prayer Council.
    That my own insurance, including medical, will cover me.
    I hold The Prayer Council harmless from all lability and any other damages from my role as a
    volunteer. I do not expect financial compensation for my work.,.
    I hereby give consent to The Prayer Council to use any and all related media and materials such as
    but not, limited to, photographs, films, media and statements.
    I further agree that all rights in and to, any works, created by me for The Prayer Council
    during my time as a volunteer and pertaining to my work as a volunteer, will be for the use of
    The Prayer Council.

    Do you agree to this statement?


    Please note: The Prayer Council’s main focus is prayer, but there are many opportunities to volunteer in the ministry.

    We welcome your gifts and talents to advance the Kingdom of God.

    Please allow several weeks for the application to process.