A Message from Valerie, U.S. National Director

A Message from Valerie, U.S. National Director

2023 Worship and Prayer Conference Report Back

The Lord certainly showed up at “The Prayer Council Conference,” last weekend. 

As the theme said, “Thy Will Be Done,’ it absolutely was. AMEN! If you are able, please look at the Facebook pages to see some of the responses.

A special thanks to Yale, Gina and Connie for powerful worship in ushering in the Holy Spirit. Thank you to special guest speaker Pastor Del, for your moving testimony, your prophetic wisdom and your great sense of humor. A special thank you to those that did attend, for your prayers and shared testimonies! The conference was all powerful and moving with our Lord in the midst.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard in putting our 2023 Prayer and Worship conference together!

We are saddened for those who could not make this year’s conference. You were greatly missed! Please add a placeholder on your calendar for April of 2024. We are tentatively looking at hosting our conference in Kentucky, amongst other locations. Once the location and date in April is officially confirmed, details will be forthcoming.

This is finally starting to feel exciting! We are finally moving forward, now that all the logistical foundations have been established. We are moving along with the Lord and HIS plans for the Prayer Council of the USA. Stay tuned!

Valerie Jackson

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