A Message from Valerie, U.S. National Director

A Message from Valerie, U.S. National Director

Hello to all the wonderful prayer warriors of the Prayer Council

Thank you for standing in the gap for our country and your state.

We are seeing the turn around and revivals starting, so keep praying.

Hopefully you will come to our conference, it will be a chance to see one another. 

To network as we are now entering the Third Day Anointing of the Lord, we need to lock arms together in prayer.

What is Third Day anointing? It is a new season that we have entered into, and everything has shifted.

As in “Awaked the Dawn”‘, well the Dawn of a new day is here, and it’s awake.

So, we must be also.

Come to the conference and bring a small (teaspoon) amount of dirt from your land as we are going to have prophetic act of God remarrying our land. (Isaiah 62).

Please remember to pray for our conference April21-22 as we are excited to see you and pray together.


Valerie Jackson US Director “The Prayer Council of the US”

Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson, U.S. National Director

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