A Message from Valerie US National Director

A Message from Valerie US National Director

A Message from Valerie US National Director

Please keep the Prayer Council USA in prayer as we plan, prepare and organize our 2023 Leadership Conference, Thy Will Be Done

  1. Pray for the National Leadership team for, wisdom, direction, anointing, health, and finances.
  2. Shari Bonnard is the Multicultural Director-pray for her family, business, ministry, wisdom, health and strength and finances.
  3. Maryal Boumann is our Women’s’ Director- pray for her ministry as -Pray California Director, – and also finances , health and family.
  4. Olga Hermann is our Pr-Life Director and she is fighting for Life, protection, pray for blessings in finances, health and strength.
  5. Jim Quayle is the Evangelism Director a heart for salvation — pray for family, finances, health and open doors for salvation for others.
  6. Yale is our Chairman, pray for wisdom, vision, direction, health, finances and family.
  7. Valerie Jackson is the US National Director – pray for wisdom, revelation, vision, family finances and health.
  8. State leaders across the US and the Us territories.
  9. Pray for the worship and anointing on the conference.
  10. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring in the Glory and we will be touched but the Lord’s presence.
  11. That all the conference will be blessed with no attacks from the enemy for the team and the attendees.
  12. Protection over all attendees and safe travel, no airline problems and no lost luggage.
  13. For the Hotel and staff that all will operate smoothly and without frustration for the staff and attendees.
  14. That everyone will be polite and bless the staff.
  15. No breaking news that would cause fear for people to keep them from attending.
  16. No shootings, no threats, no robberies, no one hurt, no falls, no sickness etc.
  17. Whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart, so all will be covered.
  18. The conference will have His Will be done and anything we have planned to be free to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
  20. If you have any suggestion for prayer that were missed please send an email and we will add it next month.


Valerie Jackson US Director -The Prayer Council


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