Divine Prayer Partnership by Dr. Cathy Smades, Arizona State Director

Divine Prayer Partnership by Dr. Cathy Smades, Arizona State Director

The divine prayer partnership between us and our Lord is incredibly powerful. He will tell us secrets and we will accomplish great exploits for Him. He will change our life into a flow of constant spiritual adventure.

This wonderful flow has led us into many prayer assignments for Arizona. Prayers for revival, salvation, and healing for our state’s occupants were released. One of this year’s main focus has been to pray for the eradication of the many cartels that are controlling many youths through drug sales and sex trafficking.

Prayer partners traveled to our southern border and prayed over its boundaries where many young people have been forced into sex trade to pay for their passage. Other prayer groups walked in prayer around our stadium prior to the Super-bowl and other events that bring an increase in trafficking.

This past summer we were directed to travel into California and instructed to pray over locations that are connected to this issue. This prayer journey took us to Big Bear and Arrowhead Lake, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

We were led into many places where we plead the blood of Jesus and prayed for protection for the children. Directed by the Holy Spirit we mapped schools in the area and prayed around them.

We have been long engaged in the battle that is suppressing our freedoms of speech and civil liberties. This has led to intense intercession to remove the oppressive influences of technology and media. We have obtained great victories. These assignments included standing against travel passports and removing the ownership of Twitter because their foundation had been used for evil. The word I received about Twitter, is my favorite, because what the Lord declared seemed impossible. We did what He asked (I’m sure, many others had parts of this assignment also) and an amazing victory was attained. Proving, He is able to do what He says He will do.

The battle for Arizona and the deliverance of many captives continues. We must not cease to pray! The power of our Lord is released as we pray and believe for God’s will to be done.

Dr. Cathy Smades

Serving Arizona


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