Godly Masculinity Lost?

Godly Masculinity Lost?

What does godly masculinity look like in today’s culture? Good question! Young men growing up today might think it has been lost. That it doesn’t exist anymore. That it was just for biblical times and isn’t even relevant in today’s world. Yet, every man whether he is a disciple of Jesus or not search for it and want to become a man that holds to admirable standards. Standards they can be proud of.

The enemy of our souls has been systematically redefining masculinity to fit within his perverted kingdom view. As always, he is attempting to become God and usurp God’s principles and standards. The dangerous thing is that over time he has been succeeding in perpetrating his lies at higher and higher levels of culture. They are becoming more and more mainstream.  

God’s church has not been unaware of this dangerous trend. Godly masculinity is more relevant and more needed currently, than ever before. In response, many men’s ministries are rising up to combat the lies of the evil one. However, there is a group of prominent national men’s leaders who have been pursuing what God may want to accomplish through uniting their efforts. Things that could not be done otherwise. They have no official name but are simply collaborating under God’s direction. This is where The Prayer Council enters in. This group of men’s leaders know that prayer is absolutely, vital to what the Lord may want to do through them. They know that pride and personalities can collide without significant prayer covering. They know that it will not be easy and may require a lot of them. Most of all they know the enemy will attack anyone who dares proclaim God’s truth rather than his perversions. Therefore, we go to our knees in intercession for them. This is a prayer led, Holy Spirit inspired effort for our time!

The Prayer Council’s Director for Evangelism, Jim Quayle, has recently taken up the charge to help mobilize and coordinate prayer for these men. It is a national effort. So, Jim is enlisting other national prayer leaders in this effort. If you have a passion for seeing godly masculinity and godly men united for the cause of Christ, you can contact Jim at jquayle@theprayercouncil.com. More information will be forthcoming.

“Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still. He will never talk well and with real success to men for God who has not learned well how to talk to God for men.”

E M Bounds

Jim Quayle National Director of Evangelism


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