Update from the Prayer Gathering For Ukraine May 27’th, Estonia

Update from the Prayer Gathering For Ukraine May 27’th, Estonia

As part of partnerships of which the Prayer Council continues with various international ministries and missions’ organizations, Sergey Shidlovskiy and the God Seekers Movement, hosted a significant prayer gathering in Tallinn, Estonia during the weekend of May 27’th. The prayer gathering was preceded by a two-day Leadership Summit attended by 150-200 leaders from 20 countries. The weekend culminated with a prayer gathering attended by 2,000 on the historic Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn, Estonia, the place where thousands gathered in 1989 to sing for the independence of Estonia from what was then the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). In addition to those physically present at the gathering, the prayer meeting was broadcast, streamed, uploaded for viewing on various outlets (TV channels, networks, satellite TV, and the internet, including but not limited to: National TV in Estonia, Authentic TV/Roku in America, TBN Poland, TV7 in Finland, Norway and Estonia).
A sample of secular news articles (disclaimer: they are in their native language so I suggest you utilize Google translator:

https://pohjarannik.postimees.ee/7779044/ootame-sind-tallinna-lauluvaljakule-kogunemisele- palve-ukraina-eest

https://www.postimees.ee/7783447/galerii-ja-video-kristlikud-uhendused-palvetasid-tallinna- lauluvaljakul-ukraina-eest

As you can see that The Prayer Council – United States was listed as one of the sponsors of the event. The results and continuing work are the results of a friendship that started four years ago which led a prayer/ministry trip in September 2021. The journal picture below is from that trip when I was reading 2 Chronicles 17-20 and Jehoshaphat was beset by armies and they said that they were powerless, but they will see what God will do.

We began to pray for a historic and breakthrough prayer gathering at the Song Festival Grounds, the place where Estonia won their independence, in unity and worship. Despite the threats of another world war and limited nuclear attack, we wanted to gather those from the former soviet republics to come together as representatives of the Kingdom of God to pray for an ending of the war and for the salvation of many. After all, history belongs to the intercessors.

Since the beginning of the greater war in Ukraine in March of 2022, Sergey and the God Seekers Movement team have taken in and provided for approximately 100 Ukrainian Refugees in Azeri, Estonia where they have a ministry and prayer base. Their goal is to utilize their training base, to be a seminary and equipping center for missionaries to be sent to the nations.

You can see some pictures of the gathering on The Prayer Council – USA’s Facebook group.


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